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Incubating and Hatching Chicken Eggs

In this course, we will walk you through the process of obtaining and hatching chicken eggs, from choosing the right breed, using an incubator, what to expect in the growth process, how to tell the difference between fertile and non-fertile eggs, and how to get the baby chicks on a good start.

This course covers:

How to drastically improve your ability to be fully prepared for hatching and raising a chick.
How to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes of incubating eggs for the best hatch rate.
How to correctly use a still air incubator.
Cost savings techniques and business skills to help you find a market and grow your farm!
Know where to find hatching eggs.
Learn the technique of "candling" to see baby chicks inside of the eggs.
Set up a brooder for the chicks to grow in after hatching.

Incubating and Hatching Chicken Eggs - BootCamp:

Incubating and Hatching Chicken Eggs - Fundamentals:

Incubating and Hatching Chicken Eggs - Advanced:

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Section 1 - Getting Started

  • Introduction, Living Space, and Behavioral Problems
  • Figure out which breeds of chicken are suitable for your situation.
  • Finding eggs to hatch.
  • Types of Incubators, Marking Eggs, Incubator Brands.
  • What you need to know: living space, incubator capacity, getting eggs shipped, and hatch rates.
  • Section 2 - Incubation Process

  • Maintain a Consistent Air Temperature
  • Temperature & Humidity, (Still Air Incubator Example), and Adding Eggs to the Incubator.
  • Tips for hand turning eggs and some things to watch for.
  • What candling is, when to do it, and how to do it. Example photos.
  • Determining proper growth by looking at air sac development.
  • What to do at Lockdown. Pipping, zipping, and helping a hatch.
  • Choose the best answer to each question regarding the incubation process.
  • Section 3 - Chick Care

  • Setting up the Brooder + Food and Water
  • Vitamins, Sugar Water, Pasty Butt, Normal vs. Abnormal Behavior
  • Training Wrap Up.
  • Section 4 - Practicals - See Chicks Hatching

  • What hatching chicks look like from our farms.
  • Mr Taku Kelvin - Managing Director of OTAFARMS

    Mr Taku completed his Barchelor's degree in BioChemistry from the University of Buea. He later moved to Douala where he completed a British Professional Diploma in Management Information Systems from London Institute of Information and Communication Technology (an affiliated institute of the University of Kent in UK). He later earned an Associate Degree in Computer Sciences from Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona, USA. After his Computer Science degree, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, USA where he completed a Barchelor in Business Administration from Georgia State University (Jack-Robinson College of Business).

    OTAFARMS Academy is a professional training institute that provides training in agricultural trades. In order to feed Africa, which will have approximately 2.2 billion inhabitants by 2050, it is important to train qualified technicians who will become men and women leaders in the techniques of Agriculture, livestock and Agribusiness in Africa. I am the Founder and Managing Director of OTAFARMS. I am a young African who returned from the United States of America after my studies to do agriculture and livestock farming in Africa. I am part of a new generation of Agricultural Entrepreneurs who are overturning prejudices and innovating in the sector where states fail to develop attractive policies. With OTAFARMS Academy, I intend to train, supervise and make agriculture a new conceivable opportunity and a profitable business sector for Cameroonians and Africans at large.

    Our goal is to promote African dignity and train the leaders of tomorrow who will take Africa out of this imperialism in order to build a proud continent where our sons and daughters will find rest, peace and prosperity.

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