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Broilers Poultry Farming

This course is about how to run a chicken production enterprise efficiently with low costs, low mortality, quicker turnover and consequently higher profits.

The course will concentrate on chicken welfare which involves, proper housing, spacing, feeding, feed mixing/formulation, heating, lighting, hygiene practices, vaccination and symptoms of sick chickens. You will be able to understand notable disease namely bird flue, new castle, coryza, IBD, mycloplasma, ascites and collibacilos.

This course covers:

How to run a chicken enterprise properly.
How to compile a business plan with budgets, cashflows and housing plans.
Proper rearing of broiler chickens.
Proper housing and equipment for chickens.
How to mix your own chicken feeds.
Common diseases affecting broiler chickens
How to earn extra income running a side business.
How to implement biosecurity.

Broilers BootCamp Training:

Broilers Fundamentals:

Advanced Broilers Farming:

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Section 1 - Introduction

  • Choosing a Production Site
  • Section 2 - Broiler Chicken Equipments and Feed

  • Broiler Chicken Housing
  • Broiler Chicken Equipments
  • Broiler Feed Formulation
  • Section 3 - Broiler Chicken Rearing

  • Preparing to receive chicks
  • Chick Collection, Transportation and Placement
  • Chick Brooding
  • Post Brooding Period
  • Section 4 - Flock Health & Disease Control

  • Broiler Chicken Health
  • Broiler Chicken Farm Biosecurity
  • Section 5 - Financial Management & Record Keeping

  • Production Budgets Cashflows and Records
  • Business Plan
  • Section 6 - Bonus Lecture

  • Herbs in Poultry Production
  • Mrs Shallote Mulih

    Graduated from the University of Buea with a Barchelors Degree in Economics and University of Dschang with a Masters Degree in Agronomy.

    Mrs Shallote has run several coperatives in North West and West Province. She is an expert in both crops and livestock farming.

    Gloria Ehis I.
    My rating:

    The course is well structured and very informative. Mrs Shallote did a good job with her explanations. Its good to learn the Proper detail of chicken Farming.

    Richard Dufe
    My rating:

    Well organised and presented. The best so far compared to two other courses from other institutions. I just would recommend to add few antibiotics, and other Medicine names, or chemical Compositions which will be really helpful

    Emma Menjoh
    My rating:

    Highly intuitive! The course is delivered in such a very easy way for one to understand. I appreciate the fact that the work is tedious, but necessary, and very much possible to ace. I also love the fact that the instructor was so responsive to my questions and comments. One thing that I found particularly helpful in this course is the convenience of being able to go back to video lectures of the instructor and watch parts of them again that I forgot or didn't quite understand at once. Overall, this was a high-quality course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I made the decision to take this online course on a whim, and I'm so glad I did! As someone who has never liked the idea of online classes, I've definitely been converted. Thank you for being such an awesome instructor.

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